Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yes, Virginia, There is a Blogger!

Yes, I know.  It was brought to my attention last night that I haven't blogged "since 2002", which is a slight exaggeration, but nonetheless true.  I don't really know what has been keeping me so silent these past months.  It isn't the lack of something to talk about, because I love to talk.

I realize lately that the stress of life and a buttload of major life events all coming within about 12 months has just been too much for my brain and body to handle.  I have gotten separated, then divorce; had a death in the family (my grandmother); I moved twice; and my job changed twice.  Pretty much the only things I didn't do were have a baby or die.  But my body has been physically unable to keep up with the stress, and I have landed in the hospital 7 times since March of this year.

So, I am taking a little time to get back to the real me.  I am learning how to better cope with stress and to define what is actually important in life.  Be patient with me, but I am working on a few new website/blog concepts that should be online shortly.

In the meantime, you can check out my latest website at .  I should have the other sites online soon!

Much love,

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