Tuesday, September 25, 2007

3 Months Old Already!!

It's hard to believe it's been three months already since my niece, Madison, was born! I am having such a great time being an aunt to her. I took her at the beginning of the month to have her pictures made (see my blog on being molested in the process) and they are finally ready! I just had to share them. She is SO adorable!

Oh, and while I was there picking up the pictures I recounted my terrible experience for both the manager in the store and the District Manager via phone. They were both completely shocked by what I said. I was also told this was not the first complaint they had. I sure hope it is the last!! Sexual Harassment is illegal and against every company policy in America. No reason for that kind of behavior. Blah!! But, they comped me the proofs and offered me a free introductory package the next time I come in. I told them I would only come back if the manager was the one there taking her picture. She was really sweet.


Melanie said...

Adorable pictures! Worth the molestation? I'd say so!

Elizabeth said...

While the molestation was completely creepy, the pictures came out awesome. I wish she would have given us the dimple smile, but she wasn't diggin' the photographers at all.

Plus, maybe the jackass will get fired so he can't do this crap to someone else.