Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Flowers for the soul

Since I was sick the last week, some very caring people decided that I needed some flowers to brighten my day. It's amazing the healing power of a pretty flower. Steve, who felt just terrible seeing me in the Emergency Room on three separate occassions bought me this beautiful boquet. It was also our 9 year anniversary, which we both sort of forgot being in the ER at the time. These are also the first flowers he has EVER gotten me in those 9 years. They were the perfect flowers for me.

Monica and Trinity (my 4 year old god daughter) came by to see me Tuesday evening and they also brought me some floral cheer. Trinity picked out the 4 purple carnations herself. They were just wonderful.

I also received a very thoughtful "Get Well Soon" card from the staff at Bayou Realtors, where Steve works. I must admit that I am behind on my Thank You cards, but will get one to them shortly.

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