Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cozumel - Day 1

March 15, 2008

Hey everyone!! I decided to do a nightly blog on my days in Cozumel. I figure that will make my trip easier to scrapbook when the time comes. Plus, my millions of readers can catch up with my adventures. LOL Yeah right. I do love my loyal readers. All three of you. It's ok to comment, lurkers, I promise I won't bite!!

Ok, so Day 1 began our adventure at 5:30 am when we got up to get ready to go to the airport. We decided to be rebels and NOT get there the 2 hours ahead of time, like we should. We ended up in two very long lines to check bags and to get through security. We ended up getting to the gate 10 minutes before they began boarding the flight. Luckily, my father-in-law, Randy, is an uber flyer, so we got to board early. The flight was enjoyable. We took pictures of cool cloud formations, and goofy pictures of each other. We landed in Cozumel and began the annoying tasks of passing through immigration, getting bags, going throug Customs and hoping that the red light didn't go off on your turn through, and finally waiting around for the bozos on "Island Time" to finalize the rental car process. We ended up renting 3 cars since there are 9 of us and we will be going on various excursions throuhout the visit.

Once we finally made it to Villa Maya, we got into our rooms, ooohed and aaahed over the place and its spectacular view of the ocean, then we ventured out for somewhere to have lunch. Our villa has a cook who will be cooking for us 6 days, 2 meals per day, but she wasn't cooking until dinner. We ended up at Jimmy Buffett's Margeritaville. It was a lot of fun and the food was pretty good. We came back to the house and everyone ran to get into their bathing suits to jump into the freshwater pool inside the villa courtyard. Steve, Mary, Chelsea, Amanda, and I had a great time playing keep away and pelting each other with water balls. Mary and I left the fun early in favor of going out by the ocean and laying out in the sun. We watched a pirate ship (excursion) go by as the sun set on our first day in Mexico.

For dinner, Isabel, the cook, made a wonderful tortilla soup, the BEST chicken enchilladas on earth, and a wonderful vanilla ice cream that we would have sworn was homemade, but was actually Nestles Vanilla. Go figure! After dinner, everyone laid around watching a little TV until one by one people kept leaving the room and not coming back. Everyone was so drained from starting out so early and the excitement of the day! I think the last person went to bed about 9 pm local time.

PS - I will add pictures to the blog later. I didn't bring my camera cord to upload the pictures.

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